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Chefman needed to create an app for one of their pressure cookers. However, the app would do more than simply give users a status of what their cooker is doing. They wanted to help users actually understand what they could use the cooker for. Grab recipes, cooking instructions etc. This business need was validated through user research that people didn't really care for just seeing what temperature their cooker was at and when it would be ready. To use the app they wanted to be able to get more value from it.

I created these wireframes and used them to detail one of the user journeys.
Splash / Loading screen of the app.
When creating the UX I wanted to make sure that the first thing users saw was a menu that would easily help them find a recipe they wanted or be able to browse through a list. This landing page would also give them the ability to track key info points on their cooker while it was active.

The design of the app closely followed the design system that chefman had established. Careful attention was placed on the font sizes, colors, layout and order of presentation.
In order to differentiate ourselves from competition of apps that already handle many of the things we were building we created key features (based on user feedback) where users could control the amount of ingredients they needed based on the number of people they were serving. Another feature was where users could simply add all the ingredients to a shopping list that they could easily keep a track of when shopping. Creating a seamless experience was key.
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Chefman Cooker Mobile App
Stanley Flomin
Sr. UX/UI Designer Passaic, NJ