Umbro Women's Racing shoe
Umbro Classic
Umbro, Life style concepts
Turf Soccer shoe drawing
Turf Soccer shoe
Umbro Sandal Concepts (Basic line)
Umbro Sandal Concepts (Basic Preformance Line) - This is 1 of 3 concepts in a sandal brief, that I put together for Umbro. This concept, called The Black Pine Collection, was to be designed around the player sitting on the sidelines of the football/soccer field. This player wants to look tough, even if the player is not playing. The 2nd concepts is The Champion Collection. The Champion Collection takes its inspiration from Umbro's heritage. The 3rd is The Performance collection. The Performance Collection takes a strong influence from the Umbro top line football/soccer boots.
Umbro Sandal Concepts (Top Preformance Line)
Don Omar's shoes
New Balance work - TOP: A light-weight running shoe designed for New Balance, during my internship. Water sports was the inspiration for the shoe. BOTTOM LEFT: A concept for a NB shoe. BOTTOM RIGHT: Concepts for the Foot-Bed of production 301 sandal.
Older projects- footwear
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