Melanie's coyote.
The wave
The wave displayed at RWORLD in Laguna beach
Portrait of Wasco, a Native from Oregon
Bison in winter. Acrylic on canvas.
Portrait of Hollow Horn Bear, acrylic on canvas.
Anasazi man making petroglyphs, acrylic on canvas
Memorial rider, acrylic an canvas.
Watching the dance at Hopitutskwa. Acrylic on canvas.
Memorial rider 2. Acrylic on canvas.

Painting always has been
a part of me.
I see my painting as a way to testify, showing different cultures and people... The Native American Indian world is a bit of mine.
I spend a lot of time with different Tribes of the South West of the United States and I learned a lot about their culture.
In a matter of fact, some of my best friends are Native American Indians.
It's a wonderfull world of colors and traditions that I like to depict and share.

Freelance, Full-time
Franck Boistel
Footwear designer. Sedona, AZ