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the inspiration derived form the donuts getting popular in some Asia countries. One of the big donut brand called Dunkin Brands introduce a variety of flavor donuts to the Chinese market in 2015. The 5th of June is even designated as the National Doughnut Day. People really enjoy the donuts with different flavor treatment, such as, Boston Kreme, Glazed, Chocolate Frosted. Moreover, some of donuts even taste like gummy bear, baked by a company called Mr. Donuts.

New Concept Design Dessert Maker
Deign for TsannKuen Design
A donut Party held in the National Doughnut Day may bring a lot of fun for kids and adult who can make their own donuts and decorate them with dressing and sugar sprinkle and then play it.
The Mini Grill is an ideal cooker to offer two different dishes siamotainously. It designed to fulfil high- powered or low-powered cooking style. The design based on the Far East Asia cuisine context, such as YAKINUKU, SUKIYAKI, hot pot .

New Concept Design YAKINUKU
Deign for TsannKuen Design
New Concept Design egg roll Gen. 2
Deign for Team
New Concept Design Dessert Maker
Deign for Team
New Concept Design Dessert Maker
Deign for Team
New Concept Design Rollie sandwich Maker
Deign for Team
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The topic of project is about house party kits , is the inspiration of the serious of kitchenware design.

Full-time, Moonlighting
Lin Yang
experienced industrial designer 台北, Taiwan