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FK design develops design and business model, based on the core value: Design is a human-based science, concerning with context, aesthetic, meaning and enjoyable. Refined into the affective and simple idea. The studio fulfills the commissions as well as in house assignments. FK design is committed to deliver design on reflection to understanding customers after all. Customers purchase an item with a strong identity and context therefore we believe that good usage and fine details do not have to come at the expense of beauty and fantasy. Every design starts with a deeply understanding of a particular subject or product. Each outcome is unique and tells a story of its own. FK design consists of in-house designer and partnership who are major in industrial design, mechanical design,graphic design and psychologist.


1999_Braun competition, preliminary selected 2004_CNS Design patent of Portable CD stereo player 2012_ CNS Design patent of Lighting fixture 2013_ US Design patent of Kitchenware


Vanung University Senao Tsann Kuen Design NYPI ASUS Panasonic, Taiwan

Experience & Education