I’m a freelance front-end WordPress developer and designer. I have over 8 years of development experience and have been making websites. I’ve been in business for a very long time and work mainly with design agencies and other freelancers. While I specialize in front-end development and WordPress, I now also do a lot of work in mobile web and responsive WordPress development. My clients love it too because it is so easy for them to edit and manage their content. Client relationship management plays a huge role my business. The number of times I hear that a web designer or developer is not responding or has just plain disappeared is too many. This is where I am so much special. I know what it means to be relied upon to deliver a great service and that’s exactly what I do for my clients. Technologies I work with include HTML5, CSS3, PHP, MySql , jQuery and WordPress coding for websites. I have worked with many popular WordPress themes like Avada , Btheme , The7 Theme, Porto, Divi Themes etc…. I can easily customize WordPress theme. Also I have got most professional, attractive responsive WordPress themes of many categories. I aim to write the most beautiful code possible. My HTML5 is validated and search engine optimized, WordPress sites are easily updatable and everything is beautifully responsive. Work is always delivered on-time or ahead of schedule and it's my job to ensure you never have to deal with ugly old code ever again. I design all website myself and convert them into HTML/Css successfully. I can easily customize the WordPressTheme and convert the website from PSD to HTML and WordPress.

Experience & Education