The idea sprang up in my mind from my own desire to have a small one bedroom house with a glass pavilion studio looking out to sea on a tropical island. The enclosed square footage is just over 1,000 sf. The walk around Lanai adds quite a bit of footprint on a site, but this is a be able to be outside under cover no matter which direction a storm is blowing from. By using a flat roof above the Lanai and enclosed rooms of the house, I have created a massive upper deck in which to take in spectacular views...especially if this home is on a cliff above the sea.

I first created this back in 2017, and have since explored raising the house on pilings and creating 2 more bedrooms on the Ground Floor, thus creating a 3 bedroom version.

For me as a Sailor, I can see building this out of concrete on a Caribbean Island with a sailboat on a mooring nearby. Coming in from the sea and chilling on the Lanai after consuming a spectacular meal.

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Greg Frucci
Building Designer / Published Author Southern Shores, NC