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I graduated with Honors from Carnegie Mellon University in 1984 with a Bachelor of Architecture Degree. I passed the ARE (Architectural Registration Examination) in 1988 while working in North Carolina and obtained a license to practice Architecture in North Carolina. In 1996, I passed the California Architecture Oral Examination and obtained a license to practice Architecture in Californa. I worked as an Architect for over 20 years. I was a jerk back then (ex-wives and others still think so I suppose) and got fired. In 2005, I stopped working as an Architect and began a path of Acting, Publishing 2 books and Speaking. A solo sailing Adventure in the Atlantic Ocean in 2011 changed everything. I was humbled by nature bigtime having battled a nasty storm 300 miles out to sea and published a book about it. In October of 2017, I began the re-creation of my passion for Architecture and am in love with it once again...even more so. Now, creating designs of homes for people is what I love doing the most in life. It’s not work...it’s just plain fun.


John Knox Shear Traveling Fellowship, 1983. Awarded by Carnegie Mellon University.

Experience & Education