Ballpoint Pen - A study of a ballpoint pen to demonstrate proficiency at basic mechanical systems and CAD modeling capability.
Camera Concept
Concept User Experience Design - Gamestorming
Product Concept - ARTBoard
Corporate Boardroom Audio Device Concept Sketch
Interactive Pen Concepts
Resin Chair - A concept furniture piece based on roto- cast production technology.
Random 3D Work - Miscellaneous 3D modeling works. All work completed in SolidWorks.
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Electronic Organizer - This electronic daytimer was developed as a student project in the Winter of 1998. The design incorporates many features including, security, voice and text recognition. Solid Works software was used to parametrically model the ABS parts of the device.
SMART Board interactive overlay
CNC Router - The FROGMIll is a CNC router purposely designed for foam carving applications. The main users of the machine are sculptors, enlargement studios, tool makers, prototypers and mold-makers.
Served as design lead, coordinating engineers, software developers and industrial design team. See for more information on the FROGMill.
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Supermarket Checkstand - As a design exercise in ergonomic practices, the supermarket checkstand was a school project that introduced a complex systems approach to design. Anthropometric data, a task analysis and repetitive motion information were used to design a check-out system which was efficient, yet minimized the health problems associated with the job of supermarket checker.
Snowboard Helmet - This helmet was designed for the Design Exchange's Annual Competition, sponsoted by DuPont. The objective was to use plastics in an innovative manner. What makes this snowboard helmet different is the incorporation of elastomeric pads at key collision areas. Studies have shown that such use of elastomerics reduces the severity of head trauma by providing a sliding transition surface for impacts. The final deliverable was the poster displayed here.
Digital Newspaper - This design was the result of my Master's Thesis Project. It is a portable tablet computer for exploring news media. Information navigation utilizes a combination trackball and thumbwheel. The device is interface specific. The interface was also fully prototyped in Macromedia Flash.
Concept Sketch Sample 001 - Sample concept sketches for a pen-related project.
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Supermarket Front-End Redesign - This is a concept development sketch from a project I am currently undertaking as a freelance project. It involves bringing more secure POP opportunities to the front end of a major North American retail chain.
LDS Temple Model - The Salt Lake City Temple was modeled into a Christmas decoration in this case. The final product was cast in resin, and backlit. Work was created from photographs and designed for creation by rapid prototyping.
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Industrial Design Portfolio

This section showcases industrial design work over the course of my career.

Geoffrey Brennan
Industrial Designer Calgary, Canada