Infographic demonstrating various Dynamic Torque Anchor offerings from Evolution Oil Tools -
This infographic was created to clarify the differences between the various Sliding Sleeves offered by Evolution Oil Tools Inc.
Brochure for Evolution Oil Tools CTR Tubing Rotators
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Concrete Mold Making Process Diagram - This work was made for marketing collateral at Streamline Automation.
Infographic Sample - Full version at:
Infographic example
Sample shop site map. Part of my work at Streamline was helping customers optimize their shop spaces and help them visualize their new facilities.
Visualization and Graphics

This section covers graphic design work that I have done over the years. I feel that part of the design process is uncovering the relationships of products and processes, and using visualization through graphical means as a way to innovate and develop ideas.

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Geoffrey Brennan
Industrial Designer Calgary, Canada