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Patagonia Lightweight Luggage and Bags

Unique and innovative for it's time, this was a project that was done "on the side" and almost didn't happen. It turned out to be one of the most successful product lines in Patagonia's bag category and updated versions continue in their line today. The key to this project was developing the absolute lightest, strongest fabric available to meet our stringent quality and durability standards. We also focused on making these items packable and stuffable to bring along on any trip, but with pockets and functional features you would expect from normal travel luggage and bags weighing many times more. The result was an Ultralight and durable tote, pack, and sling that could be used on a daily basis, not only for travel. Each item stuffed into its own pocket with reversible zippers, and had a different stuffed shape for retail merchandising. Different versions shown here including updates and (links to the current model made after my original design.)

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Freelance, Full-time
Geoffrey Rittmeyer
Product Category Management and Consulting Ojai, CA