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Another nice kick from Selectism...
GQ coverage of the Apolis Vietnam Trip - A memorable journey to work on new product in Vietnam with the guys from Apolis Global. See the complete film journal at www.apolisglobal.com
Wired Magazine - The NAU Fluent Stash
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NAU Billfold - Travel Gadget of the Year 2009 - 100% Recycled Billfold for NAU, part of the Eco Circle take-back program allows it to be returned to the stream when done.
Patagonis Tech Web Belt & Bottle Opener - Collaborative accessory development involved Concept, Design, Development, CAD and SLA Work. Immediately successful product.
Random hit on SoldierSystems...Shaving kit? The Stash is all things to all people...
Volvo Active Safety Award - Down Sweater as designed by Eric Rice. Collaboration with Full Patagonia Technical Team, under direction - One of the cyrstals triggering the down-sweater avalanche. Eric is as solid as they come. Fantastic work.
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Assorted and incomplete collection of press relating to work done solo or collaboratively while on or managing teams. I don't actively harvest this stuff, but I should make time to do so.....

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Geoffrey Rittmeyer
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