JetBlue Terminal A - San Juan, Puerto Rico

Launching in the summer of 2012, JetBlue declared San Juan their sixth “focus city” or major hub, joining Boston, Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles, New York and Orlando. Designing for an existing structure was no small task, Terminal A had been left dormant for several years after being constructed and it was time to bring it to life.

Drawing from the architecture for inspiration, my team and I used the block forms found in the tile work and windows as containers for color. Gels were added to create a bright, stained glass effect both inside and out. It was also imperative to play up the motion in the arrangement of the gels. By keeping them staggered and open, they serve to propel the customer through the space and on to their destinations. Additionally, the 15’ JetBlue pylon sign seen just outside the terminal is a first of it’s kind. The pylon also illuminates at night and is haloed by 12 LED lights to symbolize the year of installation. © JetBlue, Photography © Chris Griggs

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Chris Griggs
Creative Director New York, NY