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I Designed this business stationery and the sponsorship pitch book. The business cards used a two-sided design that would allow us to incorporate the definition of Mayhem - the mantra of the company. The pitch book contains content to target potential sponsors on the benefits and exposure potential of sponsoring a Mayhem Promotions event. Included in the pitch book were an introduction letter, background information on Mayhem Promotions and MMA, sponsorship package.
The Mayhem Promotions website. We built this site with flexibility in mind. Mayhem would need to add navigation and advertising for sponsors as their company grew. The Home page has a mini slideshow that introduces visitors to Disorderly Conduct 1, the location of the event and the Mayhem Ring Girl. This feature was built so we could easily update the information as new events are scheduled.
I created a male and female graphicst-shirt. After assessing what other MMA companies are using, we decided to go with a grungy feel by making the shirts look tough and rugged. These t-shirts will eventually be sold at Mayhem events, but they will also be available to purchase online. Recently, Mayhem received sponsorship support from an apparel company, Good and Evil Clothing, and they will also be producing some fantastic Mayhem promo wear.
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