Designing products that engage, delight, and create a positive impact on clients and users are my passion, and something I look forward to every day. I believe in a holistic approach in Design, where it acts as a connection point among stakeholders to achieve a common objective. As a problem solver and critical thinker, I Design to create these bridges, connecting people and their objectives in the development of innovative products. Currently I am a Product and Interaction Designer at Blue Ocean Robotics, where I work in the development of robots for humans. In the past I have worked in the areas of healthcare, transportation, retail, plastic industry, and furniture design. My specialties include product design, interaction design, 3D modeling, rendering, prototyping, user experience and participatory design. Finally, I particularly enjoy working in multidisciplinary teams and I am very result oriented. This portfolio contains some of my personal and academic work. For work samples in professional projects, please contact me.


1st place - Prêmio Bornancini 2010, academic modality. Honorable Mention - Prêmio Bornancini 2010, Product Design - Machines, academic modality. 1o Lugar - Prêmio Bornancini 2010, categoria acadêmica. Menção Honrosa - Prêmio Bornancini 2010, categoria acadêmica.



Experience & Education