Car(pet) - Material used: 2 Carpets 6 Rivets 2 Sisal Rope String How to build it: 1)First you must make some open holes with the drill in each end of the carpet 2)Use the rivets to unite both carpet pieces. 3)Make two open holes in each end of the bottom carpet piece, slightly distant from the rivets. 4)Pass a thin sisal rope through the holes, making a strong knot at each of the loose ends. 5)You can create a nice and cosy environment for your pet adding a small blanket inside. Done!
Ample Sample Finalist 2008 - AMPLE SAMPLE COMPETITION 2008 BRIEF: Rethink that stack of carpet samples in your resource library. Enter Ample Sample and create a design idea that will transform samples into a fixture, a piece of furniture, or any interior product you dream up! Once carpet samples have served their purpose - helping you make specification choices - don't let them be destined for the dumpster. Rethink. Reuse. Upcycle. RESULTS:
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Ample Sample 2008
Helder L Santos
Helder L. Santos Ovar, Portugal