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100ml Travel Bottle

Over recent years, the contents of luggage at airports have become increasingly limited due to the tragic events of 9/11. With liquid based products such as cosmetics, drinks, or other chemicals, a 100ml limit is imposed on any substance carried in a passenger’s hand luggage. If a traveller is unaware of this or makes a mistake, they are forced with the predicament of leaving larger amounts in their main luggage, disposing of them entirely, or transferring a proportion of contents to a smaller container at the security gate.

This need provides a new opportunity for many brands to improve their sales and market penetration. At the supermarket, many products are not currently available in packaging that has a 100ml limit designed exclusively for air travel.
With this problem in mind, I had to identify a brand and then design and prototype a simulated blow moulded container of a product of your choice for use in air travel hand luggage.

Henry Williams
Product Design Student Bournemouth, United Kingdom