walgreens vitamin innovations email
walgreens email: show your heart a little love ›› designer: michael gurney
walgreens special beauty offer
walgreens balance rewards loyalty special offer
walgreens balance financial card
walgreens prospect email for balance financial tax refund services
walgreens tax refund email update ›› designer: scott bednar
walgreens balance rewards program updates page
walgreens program details updated content relaunch for may 2015
walgreens balance rewards program details page
walgreens in-store western union offer
walgreens: quick and easy prepaid card reloads ›› designer: scott bednar
walgreens email offer_desktop
walgreens email offer_mobile
walgreens banner
walgreens email, balance rewards loyalty program offer, july 2015
designer: sarah brunson
online content: ecomm/loyalty

lifecycle emails, special offers, landing pages, banners and adaptive work for walgreens balance rewards loyalty program.

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Hillary A Lichtenstein
Senior Copywriter | Mass Personalization Chicago, IL