Anxious Alphabet

Anxious Alphabet is a boutique stationery company that creates uniquely individual hand-drawn notecards with capricious precision and playful designs.

Anxious Alphabet also:
› crafts audience-specific content
› fine-tunes resumes + cover letters
› edits "about me" summaries
› creates concise copy built for agility
› researches + advises on naming options for products + new businesses
officemax private-label furniture overall collection and individual pieces >> designer: megan jenkins
product naming for officemax private-label furniture collection (brenton studio) >> designers: megan jenkins + mina sudsaard
officemax private-label furniture collections (zentra, evanti, merido, zaida, chelten)
created the name EverBind to reflect the lifetime guarantee of this officemax product >> designer: matthew lewis
product naming

product naming for officemax furniture collections and products

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Hillary A Lichtenstein
Senior Copywriter | Mass Personalization Chicago, IL