officemax style guide for private label highmark janitorial + breakroom products >> packaging designer: mina sudsaard; catalog template designer: jen forrest
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officemax private brand furniture "brenton studio" style guide
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I have created the copy tone and feel for multiple OfficeMax retail campaigns, from Back To School and Back To Basics to Holiday and Small Business Week.

Each campaign was written to align with the targeted audience and drive sales of both products and business services.

Our Back to School campaign, for example, was marketed to both parents and students.

For students, we highlighted innovative products and put an emphasis on the new OfficeMax Services Center, where they could use our services to create posters, banners, booklets, presentations and more for their school work.

For parents, we showcased how the new OfficeMax Services Center could help build their business by creating business cards and forms, custom websites and marketing essentials like brochures and flyers. We also spoke to our latest range of services, including Cloud Storage, 24x7 Tech Help Desk and Payment Processing.

Hillary A Lichtenstein
Senior Copywriter | Mass Personalization Chicago, IL