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Highly passionate experienced creative, with a detailed knowledge and a broad skill set in both Industrial and Graphical design. A strategic thinker that thrives on creating and delivering work according to the brief and client objectives, with his working knowledge of Adobe Suite, Autodesk Maya, Concept Development and branding A perfectionist with a strong and well trained eye for detail, A set design direction and development of front end solutions from concepts to finished design. Using his entrepreneurial skills to create and develop companies such as Amaze Creative, Amazeshop & Bespoke Wrapper. A friendly, engaged and popular team member who inspires, assists other team members, as well as an independent and lateral thinker. Some of Gavin Harvey's Featured Work: His design of a Audi Concept motorbike has been featured on: - http:// www.thedesignblog.org http://www.stayontheblack.com http://www.tuvie.com His design of the wireless electric bus stop shelter has been featured on: - http://www.tuvie.com http://www.yanko.com http://en.wikinoticia.com/culture-science/strange-inventions/88138-proposed-bus-stop-with-wireless-powerWork History http://www.ecofriend.com http://www.greenlaunches.com did i mention he loves to love design... Specialties: Fully experienced in CAD and CAM which range in design software packages such as :- -Adobe Photoshop -Illustrator -In Design -Autodesk Maya 3D (modelling and animation software) -Logo Design -Web Design -Concept Development -Market Analysis -Idea Generation -Time Management -Print Management -Branding See Gavin Harvey's online portfolio at http://www.gavinharveydesigner.co.ukdevelopment of front end solutions from concepts to finished design.

Experience & Education