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Concept render created in 2013 to demonstrate how glass panels would be transported on custom pallets into elevators for the Apple Spaceship in Cupertino, CA.
Vintage handset model built in Solidworks and rendered in Modo601 in 2012. This model is based off a retro styled wireless handset that I received as a gift.
Wireless handset dock designed to my old iPhone4s. The phone handset was reverse engineered and modeled in Solidworks, whereas the dock is an original concept that I created specifically for the handset and iphone. The iPhone model as shown was modeled by following a GrabCad tutorial.
1950s stove knob reverse engineered to be 3D printed as a stand in for a friends stove until a genuine replacement could be found.
Castle Sterilizer Cabinet Faceplate - Reverse engineered faceplate for a client looking to restore a salvaged cabinet. The faceplate is based off the OEM part but the switch was created as a placeholder as the cabinet is non operable.
Modular Dog Bowl - Solidworks model created from the clients 3 view Autocad file.
Once the 3d model was approved, the prototypes were tooled and cast in house using an SLA master.
Nixon Icon Stamp - I was approached by Brand ID to create a SLA prototype for a catalog shoot of the Nixon Icon stamp with a 10 hour turnover time.
Nixon Icon Stamp Prototype
1960s Ford Falcon Trim - 1960s Ford Falcon fuel door trim, reverse engineered from the OEM part.
L-R: Objet Prototype, Wax Master, OEM Part, New Sand Cast Part.
Drink Topper Concept - Concept for a vitamin dispensing drink topper.
Second Generation SLA Prototype
Volvo excavator designed at 1:1 scale as the final project for my Solidworks course taken in 2007. The model has 24 parts, and the boom, cab , wheels and stabilizers can all move independently of one another.
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CAD and Reverse Engineering
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Ian Sorensen
Designer with 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing Expertise Alameda, CA