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Objet rocket pod and chin turret - Two part rocket pod and chin gun produced from Objet Vero black.
HISS Tank Canopy Comparison - Work in progress rendering of the new canopy compared to the OEM canopy.
WIP rendering of the HISS with the armored canopy. I mocked up a basic version of the HISS in Solidworks to test fit the new components.
Prototype Wing Tests - SLS prototype wings and accessories attached to OEM toy. The new wings are compatible with the OEM accessories as well as the new rocket pods and gatling gun.
Replacement wheel designed for the 1985 Bridgelayer vehicle. After taking dimensions off the original wheel, I modeled the replacement in Solidworks and had the prototype printed through Shapeways. The prototype as shown is White Nylon SLS.
Turret replacement base designed for the HISS Tank vehicle. The concept for this model was to replace the original turret with a radio - antenna base for collectors and customizers. The base and antenna were modeled in Solidworks and printed in White Nylon SLS through Shapeways.
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GI Joe Upgrades

The intent with this project was to give old toys new life by creating replacement parts primarily to suit the collector market. The parts were designed in Solidworks, and printed from SLS via Shapeways.

Full-time, Moonlighting
Ian Sorensen
Designer with 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing Expertise Alameda, CA