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Microphone prop built for my wife for the 2018 Waffle Off at MBH Architects. I designed the mic in Solidworks on a Tuesday night, printed and cleaned Silver PLA parts on Wednesday, and painted and assembled the mic on Thursday.
Prop microphone test fit.
Prop microphone parts. Wood mallet was sourced from a local craft store, and the mic parts were printed in Silver PLA on my Makerbot Replicator 2X.
Aliens lunchbox hook and Weyland Yutani baseplate modeled in Solidworks and printed on my Makerbot2X.
Side table cantilever bracket.
Utility hooks designed to IKEA Ivar side unit rails.
Ivar utility hooks in use in my garage.
Jam jar handles designed to give Bonne Maman jars a second life as drinking vessels rather than creating more waste. The handle was sketched, then modeled in Solidworks. After several iterations, I settled on the design shown which was printed on my Makerbot2X and later printed in porcelain through Shapeways.
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Home 3D Printing Projects

Various 3D printing projects designed at home and printed on my personal Makerbot2X.

Full-time, Moonlighting
Ian Sorensen
Designer with 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing Expertise Alameda, CA