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From L-R: Prototype wedding rings printed in Alumide from Shapeways, Production wedding rings cast in Silver from Shapeways. The rings were modeled in Solidworks and have the date of my wedding debossed onto the interior surface.
Wide and narrow Lego inspired rings printed in Nylon SLS at Shapeways.
Hoop pendant designed for individuals that want to show off their favorite mini-figure. The pendant was modeled in Solidworks and printed in Nylon SLS (dyed pink) from Shapeways.
L-R Hoop and cage pendants, tie bars. These accessories were modeled in Solidworks and printed in Nylon SLS and dyed at Shapeways.
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Lego Inspired Jewelry

Lego brick inspired jewelry designed for adult fans of Lego. The rings and accessories are compatible with most toy brick systems.

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Full-time, Moonlighting
Ian Sorensen
Designer with 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing Expertise Alameda, CA