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This is the first iteration of the system. Functional prototypes were made with which we acquired 2 customers for custom hand piece development.
This is the form of the prototype that we produce to get through the new safetly testing requirements. The base is a bent acrylic assembly.
This is one page from the touchscreen interface.
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BioCam Touch

This is the primary user interface portion of the micro sensor camera technology found in the ClearPath Projects.

The user interface incorporates a touchscreen system that allows for increased usability. This system is intended to be used with different endoscopes that will utilize the micro sensor technology.

The marketing plan was that BioVision would produce two scopes that could be sold as an OEM option and be re-branded to the customers specifications. Other scopes could be customized completely to fit the needs of a customer. Before the release of the project, BioVision was in close communication and even development with three customers (Zibra Corp., Circa, and Hydrocision) for fully customize-able hand pieces.

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Aaron Pitzer
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