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"Pencil Scope" - This is a rendering of the hand piece that has the most simple set of functions the module can provide. Simple visualization with an image capture button. This hand piece is functions as purchasable product and demonstration model for the core technology.
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ClearPath & ClearPath CH

The ClearPath started as a proof of concept for a new scope technology based on a micro imaging sensor. The project eventually became a show piece that would display the core technology as we sought clients who wanted to improve their own product with direct visualization during surgical procedures.

The project represents a new technology that could be easily and quickly adaptable for many different surgical procedures that could benefit from direct visualization. BioVision Technologies specialized in disposable endoscopes and this project would provide the core technology for completely new method of creating these disposable endoscopes.

Part of this core technology is a circuit board based module that houses an illumination LED and could be mounted in any hand piece. The module is small enough to be used almost anywhere, and is simple enough to be adaptable to nearly any surgical need.

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Aaron Pitzer
Industrial Designer Denver, CO