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Custom Window Seat Installation

This is a custom window seat I was commissioned to complete. The client was looking for a unique design of a window seat that would help create a focal point to the room and provide some extra storage space at the same time. The two details on the sides are actually drawers that turned out to be irregularly shaped. The center section also has a lid that reveals a toybox when opened.

The storage details were the most challenging part of this project to implement. I needed to get creative with the standard drawer making procedures in order to make sure they were made correctly.

The framing is made from simple pine lumber and the visible surfaces are painted baltic birch plywood.

This project was fun to create as it stretched my problem solving skills and forced me to think outside the box. Building the project was also a stretch, but I was ultimately able to complete it and it is enjoyed by the owners everyday even after 15 years of use.

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Aaron Pitzer
Industrial Designer Denver, CO