Poisonalities - I created this logo for a line of vinyl toys that I still haven't produced.
Legalicious Logo - Logo for a website that makes the law easier to digest for small businesses. The serif font maintains the formality and credibility necessary for law-related content, while the fanciful colors and 'licking' letter 'c' speak to the delicious aspect.
T-shirt Design: Hipsters are People, too.
More Logos

To space needle or not to space needle? Turns out there is more to the Emerald City than the beloved 60's icon. Seattle's most intriguing quality is its combination of cosmopolitan life and breathtaking natural beauty. This logo was inspired by the city's urban skyline as well as the natural landmark, Mount Rainer. The incline formed by the letterforms represents this dichotomy of urban and natural, as also speaks to other images such as fish, music sound bars and the general concept of a city on the rise.

Kathleen Grebe
Master Organizer of Shapes and Words Asheville, NC