Print ad for the cruise line that takes you to parts of the world that larger ships cannot. This ad revolves around the idea that Seabourn's world cruises offer something exotic even for the most experienced of travelers. And while we all see and absorb the world differently, especially during our travels, Seabourn offers memories so intense they are practically burned into our vision.
PERFUME AD TURNED...SAVORY: Oftentimes it isn't luxury that the wealthy man desires. He already has that. This concept is about the experienced traveler's desire for true world-class adventure—something far beyond an ocean view and lobster dinner. Like a traditional perfume ad, the scented flap is lifted to reveal—not the newest "eau de parfum'—but the smell of an spice market from an unexplored land. The novelty is in the scent's savory surprise, but the brand message is that Seabourn can take you to place you've never seen, heard, touched or even smelled. Art direction • Graphic Design • Concept
Nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to an impressive claim like "world's best cruise line". This ad touts it in a sophisticated, but proud manner. Art direction • Graphic Design • Typography
This is another exploration of photography and custom typography. Art direction • Graphic Design • Typography • Copywriting
Seabourn Cruise Line

Print ads for Seabourn, a cruise line that has been voted "World's Best Small Ship Cruise Line" by Condé Nast Traveler for many years.

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