Design Strategy: White space was already part of T-Mobile's branding, so I decided to leverage this for the concept of simplicity. As I experimented with various shapes of white, I realized that diagonal lines emphasized the idea of "cutting through the clutter"—especially when placed in the context of advertising chaos.
I thought of places where visual clutter often occurs—circulars, websites, city streets, and even Nascar races—and created a look and feel that could become a fully integrated campaign.
This idea gained traction and the visuals were highly received by the client, but T-Mobile decided to put the simplicity concept on hold. (Update: Since I left Publicis, TM has created the "Simple Choice" plan.)

While I was working on T-Mobile, wireless confusion among consumers was at an all-time high. They were frustrated with confusing bills, hidden fees and accidental overages. We thought if T-Mobile offered the most simple experience possible—no contract, no complexity, no surprises—they could not only compete with the big dogs, but change wireless for the better.

Kathleen Grebe
Master Organizer of Shapes and Words Asheville, NC