Apple a Day - Packaging
Time = $1.50 - Yankelovich's president believes in compensating consumers for their time. For this direct mailer, promoting a study on how Time affects consumer behavior, I followed through with his philosophy; Recipients received $1.50 for reading the promotion. The promotion increased sales by winning new clients. A national fast food chain responded to the mailer and asked which agency we used (a compliment to my solo work). - Creative direction/concept/design - Copy writing - Print production
Consumer Attitudes - These two-sided cards promoted a study about consumer attitudes. Each card represented the beliefs and statistics of a specific demographic. I translated the demographic data into personal statements like, "I'm an aging hippie..." or "I'm climbing the corporate ladder..." (See next image for Part 2.) - Creative direction/concept/design - Copy writing - Print production
Yankelovich Work | 2006-2007

Remember ancient times when companies invested in direct mail? This work harks back to a time when I created the concept, designed the piece, wrote the copy, sourced the assets and did whatever else there was to be done all by my lonesome. Sometimes the least glamorous job offers the most creative freedom. (Cool thing was, these designs actually helped the sales team win new clients.)

Kathleen Grebe
Master Organizer of Shapes and Words Asheville, NC