Yin Yang Shoebox: The challenge for this box was to combine the concept of yin and yang and the two opposing forces of the tiger and dragon. The claws of these two fierce animals became the inspiration for this box. The design worked well for the varying footwear designs and printing techniques elevated the status of the product. - Concept & Design
Ying Yang Shoebox Pattern - This is a swatch from the pattern used for the following shoebox (see next). Inspiration for this pattern was drawn from the sharp claws of the tiger and dragon, which represent the traditional opposing forces of the Chinese concept of yin and yang. - Concept & Design
Art of War Shoebox {Night}: This specialty shoe box (which is divided into two sides, "Day" and "Night") was created for a line of footwear inspired by the Chinese military treatise, "Art of War." The military strategies of Sun Tzu also relate to basketball; He says, "Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night" (hence the night version of this box).
Art of War Shoebox {Day}: Sun Tzu also says, "Blind your opponent with the power of the thunderbolt and strike when he least expects it" which inspired this side of the box.
Art of War Shoebox {Inner Drawer}: As an 'easter egg' or sorts, the underside of the drawer reveals a group photo of Adidas athletes. A spot varnish frames the image and highlights the footwear patterns on the side of the box.
Team Signature Shoebox: This packaging—for an Adidas premium basketball brand—boasts raw cardboard, embossed patterns, gold foil and hits of white ink to get noticed.
adidas Packaging
Kathleen Grebe
Master Organizer of Shapes and Words Asheville, NC