Re:Run footwear is designed as a combination of performance technology and urban style—a great running shoe that also makes a fashion statement. I decided that the character of Ferris Bueller—who embodies youth, rebellion, style, and action—would be a perfect foundation for the brand's identity.
This is a page from the brand book that distills Re:Run's identity into 3 key attributes: Sport, Spirit and Style.
This is another page from the brand book that explains what NOT to do with the brand.
With approved brand positioning, it was time to bring the brand to life visually with the first campaign. While concepting, it became apparent that the sport of Parkour overlapped with the brand in many ways: the love of running, city setting, urban style and youthful spirit. With this in mind, we decided to use actual Parkour athletes instead of models.
Partnering with Portland photographer, Rafael Astorga, we went 'guerrilla style' hopping out of the van to capture images on the fly. We drove around San Diego and shot the Parkour kids launching off the city's walls, bridges, alleyways, etc. Those daredevils nearly gave me a heart attack, but it was a ton of fun.
We ended up with a great collection of assets to make up the first retail campaign. The images are authentic, fun, youthful, stylish and express the spirit of the urban runner.
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It's not every day that someone says, "Hey, Adidas is designing a new line of apparel and footwear, can you write the creative positioning for the brand and then art direct the first campaign?" That was the awesomeness involved in the project shown below, which featured the new lifestyle brand 'Re:Run' for Adidas Running.

Kathleen Grebe
Master Organizer of Shapes and Words Asheville, NC