Cuit It Out! The campaign

Every year, on the second Monday of February more than 120 countries celebrate the International Epilepsy Day. Purple is the official colour for that day, also known as Purple Day in fact. I designed some t-shirts & sweatshirts using the original logo from the campaign Epilepsy? Cut it out! (Epilessia? Diamoci un taglio!) that we launched 3 years ago.

Why a t-shirt with no explicit references to the campaign? I wanted to support the Claudio Munari center but also design some t-shirts & sweatshirts that people really want to wear. So I only used the original logo of the campaign. It conveys a profound meaning per se, since it represents a neural network with abnormal activities on the left side, and a normal neural network on the right side, separated by a cut: the surgery.

All proceeds from the sale of t-shirts go to A.I.M.E. onlus that will use them for the Claudio Munari center.

T-shirts on sale till the end of February 2018.

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Maurizio Piacenza
Art director Milano, Italy