I design visual communication projects. I like type and details. They always make a difference. I design visual identities, communication projects for events and brands. The fundamental element, however, is always and only one: a good idea, a good product, a good service. Without them, there's no way you can design something valuable. Connecting the dots is my motto. Connecting the dots you can find new things that would otherwise remain invisible. Try and see. Former co-organizer of Kerning Conference, an international conference on typography that takes place every year in Faenza. Could a type enthusiast miss such an opportunity? No! [☛ www.kerning.it] Creator of “Epilepsy? Cut it out!”, a fundraising and communication campaign on epilepsy surgery. I agree with Eric Meyer, “What matters in this life is not what we do but what we do for others, the legacy we leave and the imprint we make.” [☛ www.diamociuntaglio.info] Founder of “Letterpress is better”. Because letterpress is still alive and makes a great impression. [☛ www.letterpressisbetter.com] Creator of di“ X½H / Progetti di carattere”. During a 30-minute chat on Skype I will try to give you some interesting ideas for a communication project you want to design. Ideas that you can then use freely. Why do I do so? Because I firmly believe in the value of sharing. [☛ www.permezzora.it] Online I'm ilpiac. Let's talk! M. +39.3395997163 E. maurizio@ilpiac.com Skype maurizio.ilpiac.piacenza

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