Letterpress perpetual calendar

I designed a letterpress perpetual calendar. Text composed by hand with lead type, only Neon by Nebiolo (design by Giulio da Milano). I like this typeface since it changes its width/height ratio at different body sizes. I used this feature to set weekdays in different languages on top of each other, while numbers use at a bigger body size. The date can be set the Italian way (day/month) or the American way (month/day). The paper is Fedrigoni Materica 360 gr, edge painted by hand. On the cover, the infinity symbol: what's more perpetual than infinity? I used 0 and 1 numbers to design the phrase “Perpetual Calendar” using ASCII binary characters. The cover is a digital illustration, then printed with a cliché. This letterpress perpetual calendar was limited edition of 50 pcs.

Winner for Product design category of Creativepool Annual 2015.

Maurizio Piacenza
Art director Milano, Italy