Solepertuttoilduemiladiciassette: first and second version.
Solepertuttoilduemiladiciassette: first version, details.
Solepertuttoilduemiladiciassette: second version, details.
Solepertuttoilduemiladiciassette: by day and by night.
Solepertuttoilduemiladiciassette: phosphorescent ink, by night.
Solepertuttoilduemiladiciassette. Anchedinotte.

A poster.
A calendar.
But above all, my best wishes for a sunny 2017.


(Sun throughout 2017. Also by night)

Print: Fontegrafica (orange fluo printed with lithographic presses installed in the brand new "F.0 by Fontegrafica" space + phosphorescent ink printed with silk-screen)

Typeface: Sole Serif by Luciano Perondi for CAST — Cooperativa Anonima Servizi Tipografici. Typeface originally designed for — and currently used by — Il Sole 24 Ore.

Limited edition: 100 + 100 pcs

Maurizio Piacenza
Art director Milano, Italy