DAEWOO, SNOWA and BOST Washing Machines

An old concept of entry level washing machines is resurrected through modern design. This project was originally designed for three name brands: Daewood Electronics, Snowa, & Bost. All three companies succeeded in the sales of these machines, outperforming their competitors & becoming market-segment leaders.
Product Features:
- There is no need to open up the tubs or check the dials. See through ploy-carbonate surfaces on top of the washing machine enables the user to check the the washing process by having a quick look through the door’s semi transparent panels.
-We managed to reduce the costs by reducing the surface area of the expensive Poly-carbonate material and design the ABS panels in a more 3D sculpted shape. This allowed the engineers to reduce the thickness of parts without sacrificing the rigidity.

Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
iMAN Maghsoudi
Senior Industrial Designer Los Angeles, CA