Israel Navarro is an architect who founded the brand SkyLight Design


2004 First prize in the contest I covers for the celebrations of Purchil 2005 First prize in the Contest II covers for the celebrations of Purchil 2005 Fifth position in the national competition to remodel the Paseo del Salón in collaboration with the architectural and restoration of Professor Dr. Gallego Roca, Architect 2005 Collaboration in the studio of Professor Dr. Elisa Valero Ramos Architect for experimental housing various competitions and performing arts center in Cádiz. 2006 First prize I Cover for Equality Plan Genil Vegas 2012 Competition to design sunglasses for Adidas. 2012 Mention of honour. Competition for the manufacture of new models IdeaDune ceramic tiles. 2012 Design Contest Copper lamp CopperConcept.

Experience & Education