Adman Carmichael Cobra II Update

The brief for this project was to design the next version of the Amdac Carmichael Cobra 2, taking into account safety mechanisms, storage and the design of the vehicle. For my ARFF truck i decided to change the design so that the firefighter no longer had to pull out a hand rail when on the roof by including aesthetically pleasing arches on my design with an inset hand rail.

Taking features for part bins I included the wing mirrors from the Mercedes Benz Arocs, the headlights from the Mercedes Benz Antos, and the rear lights from the Alfa Romeo Mito. I also introduced the Antos rain and light sensor to improve visibility and declutter the dashboard. With regard to storage I change the rear compartments to a pull out drop down mechanism to assist with carrying weight of the equipment stored.

Jack Corrie
Freelance Industrial Designer Rickmansworth, United Kingdom