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Proposed elevation rendering to be submitted to the city.
Proposed side elevation rendering
Conceptual sketch options
Conceptual Rendering - East Elevation
Conceptual Rendering - West Elevation
Conceptual Combined Elevation Rendering
Date: 10/12/2016
Mock-Up Wall for Material Study
Brick cover should have been taken off first before applying to tilt-up wall. Means & Method...
Mock-up wall of Cornice Study - 12/22/2016
Foundation construction for the retail buildings next to sprout - 12/22/2016
Signage & faux windows - 01/25/2017
Tilt-up walls placed for the retail buildings - 01/25/2017
Tilt-Up Wall Construction
Column and truss construction - 01/25/2017
Thin Masonry (left, Sprout's) VS True Masonry (Right, Retail buildings)
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Eldorado & Teel Pkwy. - Retail

This project includes a 30,000 SF Sprout's building along with +/- 5,000 SF retail buildings that are integrated with Sprout's located at Eldorado Pkwy and Teel Pkwy in Frisco, TX.

Freelance, Full-time
Jackie Tu
Designer Dallas, TX