Welcome! I am a graduate of Texas Tech University. I am a passionate architecture practitioner who is on the path to licensing. I have been keenly focused on retail building projects in my recent architectural career. I would love to be involved in the Health-Care Facilities Design since I pursued the Health-Care design as my Master degree. I am currently working at Three Living Architecture located in Dallas, Texas. I am an architectural coordinator on the Caprock team which we focus keenly on developing the 5-star clubhouses and golf pro shop + pavilion designs that are planned to be constructed in Horseshoe Bay, Texas on the Caprock site in 2018. As a coordinator, I work closely with the owners, designer, project architects, subcontractors and consultants to complete our projects on an aggressive schedule. I would also perform product research, lead a team of architectural interns in developing solutions to technical and design detail problems, and coordinate with city planners for design standards and permit applications. So what kept me going on pursing architecture relentlessly? During my college years, I have had several experiences working with real-world scenarios and actual clients wherein one semester we were involved in a local Lubbock library project (Noted in my portfolio titled: "Lakeside Public Library) and another semester when I participated in the Residency program in Dallas working for BBK Architects, Inc. For the public library project, we worked very closely with Lubbock and Amarillo librarians learning and investigating what Libraries today are lacking and what should be done to integrate and improve access with possible design ideas for Libraries in the future. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience because it involved a real-world issue with hands on involvement as if I was actually making a difference and community concerned contribution although the project was just essentially for pure educational purposes. After experiencing these real-world scenarios, I believe that the practice of architecture is about being a mixture of an entrepreneur and a passionate designer. I cherished the experience and the bond that the Librarians and I had created in that past semester. From that experience, I was given the impression that the best an Architect can bring to the draft and design table is to focus on trying to understand and really engage and listen to the people themselves, adapting and enhancing their experiences into designs that serve their needs. I have the impression that a lot of Architects rely too much on rules of thumb and pattern books and they rarely do in-depth ethnographic research. They may sit at the building site for hours and watch consumers "use space" but they rarely speak to these consumers and try to understand what it is that they are doing with the space. From what I've seen expressed in today's Commercial buildings, Hospitals, Fire Stations, and Police Stations are designs that are bland and underwhelming. Even if they are pleasing to the eye aesthetically,they appear to not always be built to specifically address human needs. The world is changing and as an ardently committed future licensed Architect, I realize the need to speak out and make a change. That "change" naturally begins with a fresh perspective and with me. As I am presented opportunities in the Architectural field, I would like to utilize Evidence Based Design to make a difference in Health-Care designs to address the unique needs of Doctors, Nurses, and Patients. I would like to make a difference. I NEED to make a difference so that Architects today and in the future can gain back their deserved credibility and start today the revolution of Architecture for tomorrow. This is what I believe in now and what I will dedicate myself to as a soon to be licensed and certified Architect. - Jackie


City of Lubbock Special Recognition Study Abroad Program - Prague, Czech Republic CHRIS CHILCOAT AWARD - For exemplifying PUSH America qualities. ARCHON'S AWARD - For presenting outstanding qualities as a member.


Tau Sigma Delta Honor Society, Pi Kappa Phi, PUSH America, American Institute of Architecture Students, Knights of Architecture

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