Cut n Seal - Re-imagine existing multi-part, metal product to reduce cost. New one piece molded product increased sales 100%
Final Solidworks CAD model
Batter Mixer/Dispenser. Design, 3D CAD modeling, engineering development, ergonomics. Product required family look to existing Whip Cream Maker
Quick Prep Food Grater, 3D CAD contour/surface development, proportion development, initial engineering layout
Extensive experience with stoneware design and CAD modeling.
Close N Cut.
Design inspired by co-worker idea of placing foods to be halved in-between two plates and running a knife thru.
Responsible for - design, function development, ergonomics, 3D CAD modeling, 3D printed parts assembled for testing.
Injection molded ABS, ss springs, PP Knife blade stop
Kid's Bowl.
Reverse engineered and improved in Solidworks
Injection molded PP
Easy Fit Silicone Covers - double as pan trivet.
Design and 3D CAD models
Emoji Cookie Cutters.
Faces designed by kids and adopted to cookie cutters.
Stacking cookie cutters originally designed to be held with a snap on handle.
Design, function development, 3D CAD models, 3D printed samples for testing.
Injection molded ABS with fine snap together detail.
Burger and Slider Press.
Form regular and slider sized patties with slider insert and reversible press.
Design, 3D CAD modeling, 3D printed parts with mocked up silicone base for testing.
Injection molded ABS parts with over-molded, silicone, deformable floor.
Silicone Prep Bowls
Prelim design, measure markings, lid design and 3D CAD
Cover and Store Lids
Med and Large sizes to fit a mulitude of PC baking pans and brownie pan.
Design, 3D CAD models, clasp design and function refinement.
Injection molded PP with ABS clasps
Dual Sided Cleaning Brush
Injection molded with TPR over-mold/nylon bristles
Microwave Grips
Flexible fingertip grips for handling hot dishes
Design, 3D CAD modeling
Simple Slicer Food Holder
Safely holds food while slicing
Design, function, 3D CAD modeling, refinement.
Injection molded 3 pc assembly with insert molded stainless tines
(for use with existing Slicer base)
Veggie Spiralizer
Co-designer, 3D CAD modeling, 3D printed parts for testing, functional development
Injection molded ABS with insert molded stainless steel components
Herb Freezing Tray
Design, 3D CAD
Injection molded ABS with co-molded silicone wells, PP lid
Scoop and Spread / Batter Scraper
Revisions to OTS product including curved part line between silicone and PP
Covered Roaster
Vessel with dual purpose lid
Design, 3D CAD
Cast aluminum, non-stick coated vessel with glass lid/vessel
Quick Stir Pitcher
Design, 3D CAD
Injection molded SAN vessel with Triton plunger
Square Bowl Caddy Redesign
Design, 3D CAD
Painted wireform
Folding Bamboo Tablet Stand
Design, 3D CAD
Bean Slicer
Design refinements
Drink Rimmer
Design, 3D CAD
Easy Release Cheese Knife
Design, 3D CAD
Injection molded ABS
Spiral and Slice rotating plunger grip redesign
Shallow Micro-Cooker
Design for family look with existing round Micro Cookers
Design, 3D CAD, 3D printed and painted mock-up
Talc filled PP
Rockcrok Glass Lid(s)
Design, 3D CAD, Tolerancing
Borosilica Glass
Garden Tools
Design, 3D CAD, 3D printed models for ergonomic evaluation
Injection molded ABS with TPR over-mold and stainless implements
Salt and Pepper Grinder Set
Design, 3D CAD, photo model sourcing
Injection molded ABS with brush plating, Triton vessel, Acrylic base with brush stainless handle
Small Cool N Serve
3D CAD modeling based on existing Large Cool N Serve
3 piece SAN assembly with freezer puck inserts
Executive Chef's Tools
Handle design, 3D CAD,
Injection molded Nylon+GF with die-cast chromed trim
Silicone Herb Infuser Design, 3D CAD development
Ice Cream Cake Mold. Silicone, ABS, ceramic base. Design, 3D CAD development, testing
BBQ Corn Skerwer Rack. Design, 3D development, Wireform
Cast Iron Concept
Pampered Chef

Sampling of design and development projects
Most products shown were modeled /
developed in Solidworks

James Hand
Industrial Designer Glen Ellyn, IL