Waterloo Industries AXS Early final concept sketch rendering - pen and pencil with marker
Hand held device freehand pen and marker over rough underlay
Waterloo Ind.Tool box with slide out drawers freehand pen over rough underlay
Slow cooker freehand sketch
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Shredder family sketch rendering
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Rough underlay for military interior - pencil sketch
Portable home projects work station feature sketch
Pencil sketch with tools
pen line work for Carlisle utility cart
Pen line work for mamography station
Blister pak sketch
Dremel tool carry/display case partial sketch with french curves
Germ Sweeper - Shopping cart handle sliding cleaning pod
Slow cooker sketch rendering
Minute sketch exercise. Pencil/marker
Toilet rim dispenser exploded view. Pen with tools
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Floor duster/sweeper - freehand sketch with marker
Paintstick concepts marker sketch rendering
Personal heater rough pencil sketch with sweeps
Personal heater freehand pencil thumbnail sketches
American-Lincoln rear mounted solution tanks for industrial surface cleaner - pencil drawing blueprint with marker
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Architectural sketch - pen/marker
Plan view sketch
Pencil sketch for Alfa Spider rocker trim
Palm massaging scrubber - pen and Photoshop
JCI, design, linework
Sketch/Drawing/Sketch Render Samples

Samples of my sketching skills - pencil, pen, marker - freehand and with tools

James Hand
Industrial Designer Glen Ellyn, IL