GLOWING ARCHES. Architecture Masterprize. Honorable mention 2023

The aim of this project is to revive the arch in our everyday lives. Bring this architectural beauty inside our homes.
Glowing Arches’ round coffee table is designed for architecture lovers as a symbolic reminder of the beauty and elegance of the arch, one of the most fascinating architectural forms.
It is made from a coated metal frame with a glass top. A led-lights beads string is channel set on the upper face of the table bringing a magical glow and jewelry-like feel to the piece. The four arches on the sides are set with led panels to add an airy feel to the whole structure. The intensity of the light can be remotely controlled. This table is an architectural center piece and a lighting fixture at once.

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Jenny Tseitlin
Creating exciting products of the future. Forward thinking visionary powered... Houston, TX