This design aims to bring a spark of coziness inside our homes.
Our society has undergone a huge amount of stress during COVID years. I believe a positive attitude and bright colors can help overcome depression and fragile mood situations. We all need a little bit of rainbow in our homes.

Rainbow Lounge Chair has soft plaid upholstery fabrics. Main body part filled with polyurethane foam and supported with a spring base and wooden frame. Rainbow arched planks located on the sides. Arches are constructed of solid wood with painted metal inlays for additional depth and texture variety.

Rainbow brings us back to our childhood memories. Curvature feel of the solid wood arches adds a playful touch. Simple yet bold - Rainbow becomes a focal point of the living space, bringing color and joy to our everyday lives.

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Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Jenny Tseitlin
Creating exciting products of the future. Forward thinking visionary powered... Houston, TX