janet@janetschwind.com Hi, I'm Janet Schwind. I’m a ridiculously professional editor, writer, self-publishing consultant, artist, 5-minute public speaker, and Camino pilgrim. I edit books for many first-time authors, helping them easily navigate the mysteries of self-publishing. My specialty genres are non-fiction, faith based, spiritual growth, memoirs, and children’s stories. I also work with clients on various writing projects—primarily websites and blogging. On the sly, I’m working on a coloring book for adults, which is fun and trendy, and believe me it is difficult not to want to color in the drawings myself. Soon I will have free downloadable pages so you can sample my wares and such. Another personal project is a book I am writing called Ridiculously Supernatural. I hope it doesn’t take me ten years to write it. That would be ridiculous. Aside from editing, writing and drawing, I love to read—and no, editing books doesn’t make me tired of reading. Never never. I also love to write poems—like my Cubs Tribute. That’s me, in a nutshell. Contact me at janet@janetschwind.com if you have a project we might collaborate on. I look forward to the possibilities. THE BACKSTORY I have word-smithed and punctuated my way through a professional career spanning two-point-five glorious decades ... from my foundational years in the ad agency business as a writer and producer, to a foray into the fascinating sphere of book publishing. Now as an independent book editor, publishing consultant and writer, I help diverse clients present their stories in clear, concise and compelling ways while immersing myself in new learning adventures in exchange for cash or check. I have two loves, and they tend to get on well together: • Editing. I have a passion for helping authors shape their manuscripts, bringing out the best through solid writing and thoughtful editing while remaining true to their voice. I can write compelling back covers that entice people to want to buy your book. If you need project management, I will usher you through the self-publishing process, from edit through design and layout, to uploading book files to Amazon's CreateSpace, making the whole process easy and fun. Specialty genres: non-fiction, memoirs, faith-based, inspirational, spiritual growth & education • Writing. I love helping clients tell their stories. Specialties include writing for the web ∙ concept development ∙ print ads ∙ headlines ∙ taglines ∙ brochures ∙ direct mail ∙ radio spots. Industry focuses include: digital marketing ∙ health care ∙ non-profit ∙ faith-based ∙ financial ∙ manufacturing ∙ home building products, among others. Audiences: Consumer and business-to-business


I used to collect advertising awards back in the '80s and '90s when it was trendy, but it's not really on my mind these days. I just want to do good stuff for my clients.


Freelance Editing Network, Certified Professional Writers Association, Freelancers Union

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