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I'm a graphic designer / artist based in Los Angeles, CA. I love designing, learning new techniques and growing as an artist. I love SPAM. I'm a motion graphic designer in the film industry and a working artist at night. I'm the person you see taking close up pictures of trees and cracks in the sidewalk while you go on your afternoon walks. I'm always on the look out to be creatively inspired and meeting other creative types. I love being immersed in pop culture and social media. I enjoy movies, music, art, video games...pretty much anything visually orgasmic. I enjoy lots of things.


2009 Key Art Award Winner - Juno Home Entertainment Campaign 2009 Golden Trailer Award Winner: Best Motion Graphics - Repo: The Genetic Opera 2010 Golden Trailer Award Nominee: Best Motion Graphics - Repo Men 2010 Key Art Award Winner: Best Motion Graphics - Inglourious Basterds 2012 Key Art Award Winner (Silver): Mixed Campaign - The Muppets 2012 International Athletic Achievement Honorable Mention - High Five Champion


Planet Earth

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