Puppy-Powered Train This sweet playset comes with a fumbling, stumbling, tumbling Chubby Puppy. Switch your adorable French Bulldog on and put it in the driver’s seat! This pup will use its little legs to get the train moving. All aboard.
Snack-Themed Train Each compartment of this colourful train is decorated with a snack theme! Put your Chubby Puppy Babies into the hamburger, cupcake or popcorn compartments for a delicious ride.
Moving Ferris Wheel Chubby Puppy Babies are in for quite a ride! Load your fumbling, stumbling, tumbling pups into the three seats on the Ferris wheel, then turn the handle at the back to get things moving! Your puppies will spin and spin and spin – just like on a real Ferris wheel!
Puppy-Powered Popcorn Stand! Get popping with your Purple Poodle (included)! Switch your Chubby Puppy on and put it behind the counter! This puppy-powered popcorn stand will start moving as your Purple Poodle makes a classic amusement park snack!
Chubby Puppies – Mini Theme Park Playset

Send your Chubby Puppies on a theme park adventure! For Fall 2017, I designed 2 mini theme park sets, including a Ferris wheel and Puppy food themed train set.
The Ferris wheel playset features a spinning Ferris wheel and popcorn stand that has popping popcorns just like at a real theme park!
The Puppy train set includes 1 train engine and 3 themes baby carts: popcorn, cupcake and burger. Let your Chubby Puppy do the train driving. Place it inside and it automatically powers the train!
At $16.99 this is a fun little set that provides lots of play for the walking puppy and baby figures.

Jennifer Thou
Product Designer San Francisco, CA